Forum Rules - English

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Forum Rules - English

Postby admin » 02 Jun 2005, 08:52

To let the forum be of a great value to you, please briefly read the text below:

- The aim of this forum is to interact with other users of Scia software in a direct and fast way
(SCIA Engineer, SCIA Design Forms)
- The sort of topic can be very miscellaneous: a question about functionalities, a tip for a more efficient use, a suggestion to the development, knowledge sharing, the report of a problem, networking with your colleagues,... All subjects, that can be useful for the software users, are welcome
- Always try to choose a title that clearly defines the “topic”, so that the title already clearly indicates to the reader what he or she may expect.
- We urge you to use English as the posting language as this reaches more users and possibly will also get more response. The dedicated Portuguese forum is for this language only.
- You can add an appendix to each topic that you publish. This can be a program file, as well as screenshots … please keep these enclosures as small as possible in file size, so that the servers will not be unnecessarily overloaded. Every member has a storage capacity of 10MB and can manage its own enclosures. In particular cases, this capacity can be raised for particular members or ranks.
- It is not allowed to use this forum for publicity ends. Nevertheless you can, free of charge, insert a link to your website in the feature “Links”.
- If you have suggestions or questions regarding the use of this forum, then can you always pass it on to the moderators.
- With the growth of the forum, there will be more and more users online, each with their own opinion, idea and way of working. Have respect for each other, learn of each other! When you do not agree with someone, then try to convince him by using a good argumentation.
- Via the search function (at the top button “Search”) in time it will be possible to search for similar questions on the forum. Before you mail a topic yourself, it is meaningful to firstly use this search function.
- Via the “quote” button (on the right by the original topic) you can use an extract of the topic to formulate your answer.
- Questions that do not belong in this forum or have nothing to do with the Scia software in general, will be removed by the respective moderators.
- The topic “Expectations of a Moderator”, which you will also find in this section “Forum Rules & Guidelines”, describes the tasks and responsibilities of the different forum moderators.

Let us develop this forum to THE medium to use the software more efficiently and to further improve it in the future. It also forms a unique channel to share knowledge with colleague users and to increase your circle of acquaintances in your branch.

We would also like to invite you to become a member of the Scia Software User Group of your region. In this section, you find the different User Groups with a link to their website for more information and the possibility to subscribe.
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