Revit Roundtrip [Foundations]

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Revit Roundtrip [Foundations]

Postby Lenniepen » 22 Jun 2009, 11:55

Hi there,
Does anyone have any experience with the Revit Structure / Scia Engineer Roundtrip?
I am having troubles with foundations in Revit Structure.
For some reason, none of the foundations made in Revit get exported to Scia Engineer during the roundtrip. There a 3 types of foundations in Revit:
- Wall Foundation
- Foundation Footing
- Foundation Slab

Foundations can be imported as supports in Scia Engineer, but non of my foundations are exported to Scia Engineer.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Revit Roundtrip [Foundations]

Postby Dennis Mensen » 25 Jun 2009, 10:52

Hi Lennart,

Can you tell me more about what version of Revit and Scia Engineer you are using? It helps me to give a more detailed answer.

It is true that for the latest version of the Revit2Scia plug-in does not support foundations due to changes in the Revit API. We hope to solve this issue in the next release of the Revit2Scia plug-in. It is always possible to model members as "normal" elements instead of foundation elements.

I hope this answer helped you a bit. If not, do not hesitate to ask more about Revit2Scia.

Kind regards,

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