Esa Prima Win 3.50 (and other tools)

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Esa Prima Win 3.50 (and other tools)

Postby Wouter » 03 Dec Thu, 2009 8:43 pm

A couple of years ago, we acquired the scia software volume 5 2003 version 3.5 cd, consisting of a number of packages (ESA prima Win, ESA Beam, ESA Connect, ESA punching, ESA concrete and M-serie software). We have been using this software eversince (on a pc running windows xp).

We now have a pc running Windows Vista and we wanted to install the above mentioned software on this new computer. But it doesn't work. The software doesn't seem to support or find the hardware dongle (connected to the parallel port).

So we decided to check scia-software's website. From browsing through, i'm under the impression that this software doesn't exist anymore (or has been renamed?). Is that correct? And if yes, what is the name of the new package?

In case the software no longer exists, is there still an option to run the software on windows vista? Has there been updates to support the newer windows versions? And if not, what are the upgrade options for existing customers in a case like that.

Any help would be much appreciated since we are hoping to continue using this software.
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Re: Esa Prima Win 3.50 (and other tools)

Postby admin » 21 Jan Thu, 2010 11:59 pm

Hi Wouter,

ESA Prima Win is no longer developped and has been replaced bij Scia Engineer.
Upgrades are possible.

You will be needing to contact Scia for this.

I do not think ESA Prima Win runs under Vista.

Francis Vanderbruggen
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Re: Esa Prima Win 3.50 (and other tools)

Postby burak » 22 Jan Fri, 2010 12:57 am


If you have Windows7-Ultimate operating system, you can run these softwares under "XP Mode".
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Re: Esa Prima Win 3.50 (and other tools)

Postby Rudi Vanmechelen » 22 Jan Fri, 2010 9:29 am

Hello Wouter!

As already indicated, ESA-Prima Win is no longer in development.
It has been replaced by Scia Engineer, that runs under XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Also be aware that code checks according Eurocode under ESA-Prima Win are no longer legally valid. In ESA-Prima Win, the software is based on the pre-norms (ENV). Scia Engineer is offering a full compatibility with the EN and NAD (national annexes).

For more info, feel free to contact your local Scia Account Executive.
Rudi Vanmechelen
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